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Your Children Are Not a Piece of Luggage

I began my divorce journey 11 years ago. I came to the legal process with 15 years of employment in providing child and family psychotherapy in multiple settings, under my belt. As a trained professional I was sure that the divorce process would be smooth for me. We did not even have assets to fight […]

Obsession or HeartBreak?

“Why can’t I just get over this guy?” “I can’t stop obsessing about her with another person.” “I can’t sleep, eat, or work – I just need to find an answer to why he cheated.” Ending a relationship is hard enough. But it is even harder when the relationship is unfinished. This can occur for […]

Pas De Deux

Pas De Deux Every time, I started with a new psychotherapist; I would receive the same diagnosis. Codependent Personality Disorder. It is and always will be – my sickness. But as the years went by, I would sometimes wonder if it had just become my mental frame go-to. What if a therapist had labelled me […]