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Quieting the Mama Bear (Co-parenting)

        Quieting the Mama Bear   I made the decision to file for divorce when my daughter was only 2. Up until that point, I had been the 95% parent. I had navigated a high-risk pregnancy, latch issues, colic and milk allergies solo. I managed selling my full-time therapy practice in NYC […]

How Do We Tell the Children?

This question is posed often by my coaching clients who are worried about how the divorce will impact their children.   No matter what level of dysfunction  and/or bad behavior that existed prior to the divorce, both parents typically have the same exact fears for their children’s wellbeing. It is important for parents to remember […]

Post Divorce Dating Hell . . . . . . . .

Stuck in THIS dating hell? Some version of. . . . . ‘I only seem to be attracted to emotionally unavailable partners and the ones attracted to me are ugly/poor/not my type etc. ‘ Oh. . . I hear you. . . SO HOW DO YOU TAKE CONTROL OF THIS? You first have to OWN […]

Divorce Coaching Results

In the past week, I have had two clients look at me and say. . . “But you couldn’t possibly know how hard this is. You seem to have it all together.” Let me TELL YOU that the reason that I might HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER (Do any of us really?) is because I did […]